A Bonne' Spa Avocado Salt 300g

A Bonne' Spa Avocado Salt is the micronized salt with milk protein, avocado extract and virgin olive oil. It is used to scrub the body to remove grime, sweat and pollutants without cuasing irritation and most especially the dead skin cells which reveal bright, smooth and younger looking skin right after use.

MILK PROTEIN helps skin in retaining moisture content, prevents it from dryness and roughness.

AVOCADO EXTRACT contains high vitamin E reduces skin itching and its inflamation. It softens rough skin.

VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is rich in antioxidants helps repair skin damage from the sun exposure and gets rid of the pollutants. As a natural moisturizer, Olive oil softens the skin and cures its inflamation.

Direction: Apply Spa Salt on wet skin. Rub gently by hand in circular motions. Leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse off with clean water. You can feel your skin's softness and smoothness right after use.