A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt 300g

Spa Milk Salt is a skin brightening and slimming product with milk formula and natural spa salt benefits. It is used to scrub the skin to remove grime, sweat, pollutants from your body without causing irritation, most importantly to remove the dead skin cells open up the new ones of smooth, bright and radiant look. At the same time, it nourishes your skin with Pure Milk, Vitamin B3 and Allantoin.

MILK PROTEIN helps skin in retaining moisture content, prevents it from dryness and roughness, giving your skin a long lasting radiance.

VITAMIN B3 helps delay building up of colored pigmentation and fade away the flaw, dull and dry skin.

Direction: Apply Spa Milk Salt on wet skin. Rub gently by hand in circular motions. Leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse off with clean water. You can feel your skin's softness and smoothness right after use.