Posted on 07-03-2018

Widely recognized as “Srichand Powder” ,“Srichand” first started out as a small local pharmacy in the Wang Burapha area run by Mr. Phong Hanutsaha. Entrusted by the then Srichand Dispensary, Mr. Hanutsaha came into the possession of a specially developed formula, a pink powder that was known to all in the area for its distinctive ability to reduce oily skin. Aside from this coveted quality that prevents unwelcome acne and rashes, Srichand Powder also has a unique scent that, to this day, remains a secret shared only within the Hanutsaha family

Srichand Translucent Powder 10g (purple)
Award winning and one of the best-selling facial powder in Thailand. Srichand translucent powder is an extremely fine and silky powder that has unique quality in oil-control benefits. It works as a setting powder for your make up without any alteration of color. The Translucent particles help promoting the natural radiant skin, create smooth and flawless finish on all skin tones, leaving skin light with long-lasting comfort. It comes with a superb quality puff and inner lock for carry-on use.

Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Mask 14g (green)
The Tanaka powder has a touch of gold finish. Introducing double benefits of oil control and nourishment in one single step, to create a flawless and radiant skin.

Srichand Original Scented Powder Mask 20g (blue)
The original secret formula powder, renowned for its oil control benefit since 1948. Help absorbing excess oil to enhance skin natural radiance, ensuring long lasting fresh look throughout the day.